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“When the heart is at ease the body is healthy” Chinese Proverb

Holistic Life and Wellness Coaching with Felicity Goldring, BScPsych, BScPT, HLC

Life coaching is a process of transformation from experiencing your problems to designing and acting on your solutions. Always driven by the client's agenda, coaching glances back at the past, breaks through limiting beliefs, and concentrates on a new path forward.

Felicity helps people articulate their dreams and vision for themselves, get clear, and gain self-awareness. She offers mind-body tools that help people develop balance, flexibility, and resilience. Clients discover the opportunity to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Perhaps it is accountability an individual is looking for while making decisions and change. As a Life Coach, Felicity gently offers that accountability and a confidential space for deep listening.

Felicity coaches people of all ages who are dealing with:

  • chronic pain
  • cancer
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • other health issues
  • stress
  • uncertainty

A person's health intersects with their ability to secure and maintain employment, make decisions around education, relationships and living environment, or their ability to participate in leisure activities. These are a few of life's areas where a client may seek fulfilment, and uncover concrete solutions and lasting change through life coaching.

Felicity coaches clients in person in Gibsons, BC, Canada, or from anywhere in the world via phone, or Zoom.

Confidentiality is assured

Paula, NS, Canada

“I felt as if each session built on the last. I never felt overwhelmed by the process because Felicity suggested some very helpful grounding/movement exercises. These exercises served to bring me back to the essential trust and belief that change is not only possible, but I’m doing it in the here and now!”


Jennifer, California, USA

“I felt seen. That is a wonderful feeling. It’s different from being heard- I did feel that too- but being seen touches a stronger emotional cord.”