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“When the heart is at ease the body is healthy” Chinese Proverb

Certified Reflexology with Kay Shore, CRP

Reflexology is the application of a gentle pressure to the feet using only the practitioner's thumbs. It is the intermittent pressure, release, pressure that "awakens" the nerve pathways and sends impulses to corresponding areas of the body. With over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet the signals reach all systems and functions of the body. This encompasses the nervous, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems as well as the organs and the soft connective tissues and the bones.

The primary goal and the result of this pressure point technique is a feeling of deep relaxation in the whole body. It is not known why this is so effective, only that it has been known for thousands of years that Foot Reflexology induces an overall feeling of well-being.

As stresses accumulate in the body we tend to "hold on" to tension in certain areas; the shoulders, belly, lower back etc and we can become unconscious of how much this is impacting our ability to really relax and let go. The relaxation that comes from Reflexology is deeply restorative. It can feel like falling asleep naturally and easily.

Our bodies are designed to return to a state of health naturally when confronted with minor ailments. However when circumstances require the introduction of external medical treatments and medicines, Reflexology can be a great help in augmenting the efficacy of these approaches.

Reflexology does not diagnose or claim to cure and does not replace medical advice and treatment.

Confidentiality is assured

Helen, BC, Canada

After the treatment, I was tired but remarked to someone later in the day that I had experienced about 3-4 hours of unexpected positive mood.  It was such a noticeable feeling. And I was grateful. I had one of those rare sleeps last night that had me waking up ready to get things done.